The John Medal

The Sleepless No More John Medal

Today is my father’s birthday – or what WAS his birthday.   He died years ago, but his legacy remains.

Apart from being “horse mad”  (the Melbourne Cup always bringing back many great memories) he was an exceptional character – known for his intelligence, his courage to speak out, his humility, his sense of humour, his love of people, his peaceful nature, his leadership and his honesty.  Amazingly he could make the most burning comments sometimes in his gentle way where people would listen and not be offended, they might even think it was funny.  What a way to bring a message!  There was some kind of magic there.

So its a fitting day for me to award the first John Medal for Leadership in the Sleep Industry.

Over the years in the sleep industry there are some people who stick out as great contributors.

And other people, companies and organisations that might receive the ‘raspberry’ for misleading, lying, intentional incomplete disclosure (you know what I mean…), causing great harm, being in denial… etc.!

The great contributors aren’t always obvious.  They are sometimes ‘just doing their job’, or just speaking the truth, or just using their intelligence to investigate one step further than others have the time or inclination to do.

And some leaders are obvious, they have been contributing for years and years.

My first John Medal is being awarded to Stephanie Saul of the New York Times.

OK..  so I found out while I was doing further research that she is also a Pulitzer Prize winner.

So the John Medal might not be something she’s going to put in her bio!

Stephanie Saul is being awarded the medal for her insightful reporting into sleeping pills.

On numerous occasions I’ve found her information and passed it on.

Here are some of the notable articles written by Stephanie:

Sleep Drugs Found Only Mildly Effective, but Wildly Popular

FDA Warns of Sleeping Pills’ Strange Effects

Record Sales of Sleeping Pills Are Causing Worries

Thank you Stephanie Saul for your leadership, enquiry and honesty that have helped many many people.





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