Sleeping Pills – Benefits and their Perception

OK, so here’s a great article published by the New York Times October 23, 2007 – a must read if you’re taking sleeping pills.

This article states that studies have shown that,

  • viewed as a group, sleeping pills will reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by 12.8 minutes compared with a fake pill, and that
  • Total sleep time will increase by on average 11.4 minutes!

So why do people feel so good about taking them?

Could it be that they’re perceived to have better results than they actually do have?

Well… most sleeping pills work on the same brain receptors as drugs to treat anxiety, so you might just FEEL better about not sleeping…

And …? then there’s anterograde amnesia – trouble forming memories while under the influence of some sleep medications – you might just forget you had trouble sleeping.

Yep, if you find that scary too…? I’d read the full report – you might like to research it a little more?

And there’s more…

Good night


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