Sleep Hours? Make me Stay Awake SBS January 5, 2010 7.30 pm TV Australia

Wondering exactly what sleep hours you need?

There’s a documentary coming up this Tuesday night at 7.30 pm on SBS ONE called “Make Me Stay Awake” that may be useful.  Not totally sure, as I haven’t seen it myself.  But the last SBS shows on sleep were quite good, so fingers crossed!

Michael Mosley investigates the idea that we may only need a few hours sleep a night.

He enlists the world record breaker for staying awake to help him go without sleep.  And reports on research being done on lack of sleep, even with flies!

Yep, he covers sleeping pills as well…

Sounds controversial, but I think it is definitely worth watching.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 7.30 pm – Australian Eastern Standard Time – SBS ONE

Sweet dreams


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