Selling Sickness, a recommended book

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I’ve just finished reading the book Selling Sickness.  How Drug Companies are Turning us all into Patients and I’m pretty sure you’d like to read it. The book is written by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels.

The book might help you relax about thinking you’ve got more medical conditions than you actually have!  You know, that syndrome that when you start reading about certain symptoms of illness you are convinced that you actually have the problem or condition?  And you’re fearful of the diagnosis?

In marketing the experts talk about moving the free line, in medical circles it looks like they like to move the ‘medication line’, and in order to do this they have been known to sprinkle in a bit of fear…. so that we think that we have an illness when maybe we actually don’t!

And fear sells, of course.

I think this argument is relevant around sleep disorders, although it isn’t isolated in the book as a particular topic – but I’m sure that you will be able to ‘put two and two together’ after reading the book.

Its important that just because you’ve had a couple of restless nights’ sleep you don’t start feeling anxious, panicky and extrapolate a whole lot of problems that you don’t actually have!  Everyone has a few bad night’s sleep sometimes, for a variety of reasons.  If it’s only occasional, relax.

Go here for a more lengthy review on the book.  Selling Sickness, How Drug Companies are Turning us all into Patients is really excellent, and I’m recommending it for all of you – especially if you are presently taking any medications for cholesterol reduction, ADD, depression, female sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, social anxiety disorder, osteoporosis or irritable bowel syndrome.

You’ll be very pleased to know these guys have really done their homework and back up the statements they are making.


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