Professor Peter Gotzsche speaking in Australia this month about Antidepressants

Here is very valuable information I’ve found about antidepressants and psychiatric drugs.

You’ll notice that he speaks about Robert Whitaker and the book Anatomy of an Epidemic – which I blogged about on the Sleep With The Experts website in May 2010.

To find Peter Gotzsche adding to and confirming the research done by Robert Whitaker is encouraging.

Anatomy of An Epidemic was so well researched and so well documented that it would be very difficult to refute.

A very similar opinion is being expressed by Professor Peter Gotzsche, co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration.

I have to say that having a blog is a “developing” thing. If I trace back over the years I can see the changing emphasis of my opinion and research. On some earlier pages of the website you can see my interest in “natural and alternative” – but in the more recent years I’ve blogged about the evidence that supports the non-drug options. (I’m not supporting over-the-counter herbal remedies and the like, by the way.)

In the end common sense options look a lot better than drug options in the sleep and mental health areas – which, of course, are connected.

Common sense is the strongest solution.

And marketing common sense approaches is the hardest part. Like exercise, good nutrition, eliminating food additives and junk food, taking relaxing time every day, napping/meditating if you’re missing out on sleep, making appropriate life choices, etc.

Who has been convincing us that complicated is better?

We now know that just because there is a clinical trial to support something doesn’t mean that clinical trial is valid, or was ethically performed.

Loved where Professor Gotzsche said “most depressed patients recover by themselves”.

And antidepressants increase suicides for people up to 40 years old.

And finally, we need to conduct clinical trials for the good of the population’s health, not for the good of vested interests.

That will probably mean that Australia (and other countries) should set up a completely independent body to perform those trials, with incredibly strict rulings and checks.

Corrupted organizations have lost their right to be opinion makers, and to manufacture drugs that do not work – even harm.

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