Phenergan or Promethazine for Sleep

Phenergan or Promethazine for Sleep

When my son was quite small I observed quite a few mums giving their infants and children (sometimes very young) Phenergan/Promethazine to settle them down, or to pacify them on long plane flights etc.

We are not advocating this at all.

Promethazine is an antihystamine with sedative, antiemetic (vomiting and nausea) and antispasmodic properties.

Please, before you buy Phenergan/Promethazine and give it to your children, read the following article, DO NOT give it to infants less than 2 years old, and do your own further research on the product.

It is reasonably well documented, additionally, that it can have the reverse effect on some children making them anything but docile.

Take some caution with this product.  We are getting increasingly casual about giving our children and ourselves drugs without properly researching them.

What’s more, we learned from Sue Dengate’s week on Sleep With The Experts that Phenergan contains sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite and sodium metasulfite – all additives mentioned on the webinar that can have adverse effects on sleep if you have certain intolerances.   Benzoates, specifically, were named in her Failsafe Newsletter # 59 in relation to restless legs and the jumps.

And while we are on this topic she also mentioned that Demazin contains ethanol (alcohol), quinoline yellow, brilliant blue FCF with methyl hydroxybenzoate and propyl hydroxybenzoate as preservatives.


Not so easy, I get that – because when you do, the wording is very technical, confusing, and hard to understand.?


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