New Report on the Problems with Sleeping Pills

Hi everyone

Today I published a new report on sleeping pills called Sleeping Pills’ 22 Dark Secrets.

I’ve posted up information on sleeping pills as I have found it over the years, but it hasn’t been organized into one helpful place.

Sleeping Pills' 22 Dark Secrets Report

This report is valuable because:

  • you will be able to do your own research into sleeping pills before you start taking them (if you decide to do that),
  • the report will make clear our stance on why we promote natural solutions to insomnia and sleep disorders, rather than the medicated route,
  • you will learn the National Prescribing Service’s (Australian) stance on sleeping pills and how to access that information,
  • the report will give you background information for when you visit your doctor, health care practitioner or psychologist about your sleep disorder,
  • the report will arm you with a number of important questions to ask if you are prescribed medications from your health care professional,
  • the report will empower you to do your own research into sleep medications.  The report is not conclusive (I’ve thought of a few more things since writing this…), but will give you some ideas on how to take back responsibility for finding your sleep solutions,
  • it will encourage you to look for natural solutions for your sleeping problems rather than medicate at the early stages of your problem.

Please note:

If you suspect you have sleep apnea or a respiratory problem at all, you should seek expert help and a referral to a reputable sleep clinic immediately.

If you are already taking medications of any kind do NOT withdraw suddenly or slowly without expert medical supervision.

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