Say Yes! Yes! to NO

We’re talking Nitric Oxide (NO) today.?

And I’m going to recognise the great work of Dr Christiane Northrup again here.? ?I’m reading her newly released book The Secret Pleasures of Menopause.

Now before you guys start switching off and heading for the barbeque, I’ll tell you that nitric oxide is released from nerve cells in the blood vessels of the penis, relaxing the blood vessels and allowing more blood flow and therefore improved erections.? Viagra’s function?depends on nitric oxide.

Similarly, the prescription drug nitroglycerin releases nitric oxide, which then eases chest pain in patients with angina.

Nitric Oxide is a free radical (which is something that you might normally guard against because they cause damage) – but research shows that, like good and bad cholesterol, there is also good and bad NO.

Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule.? If there’s enough of it in your system, you stay healthy – but if the levels aren’t high enough your cells begin to break down.? This degeneration can include such things as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and aging.

And NO is also?described as the “feel good” molecule.

Did you know that nitric oxide, made in the neurons in your brain, actually acts as a special kind of neurotransmitter, easily sending messages from one part of your brain to the other?? What’s more, neurotransmitters send messages to your bodily funcitions as well … it turns out that nitric oxide is the molecule that makes that connection, instantly.?

Suddenly we understand more about the mind-body connection thats been spoken about for years.

It’s the way that positive thought actually effects your whole body.? Amazing?

No wonder there have been a number of Nobel prizes given around the work with NO over the last 30+ years.?

With high levels of NO, the wider blood vessels and improved circulation reduce high blood pressure.?

And anything that keeps your blood vessels soft, elastic and open, also helps prevent cellular inflammation and all the various chronic degenerative diseases associated with it – including killers such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes – all associated with inflammation.

Even one bad night’s sleep has been shown to cause inflammation in the body.

So here are Dr Christiane Northrup’s 6 steps to achieving maximal levels of Nitric Oxide:

  1. Associate yourself with positive people
  2. Eat heathfully, exercise and manage your weight.? She’s also included getting enough sleep in here – because it helps you lose weight, and regulate your blood pressure.? This list also includes meditation.
  3. Take pride in yourself
  4. Move forward, not backward
  5. Realise that you are what you believe
  6. Understand that sex and health go hand in hand.? Yes, orgasm.

And to quote from the book:

“Increasing your pleasure (which begins with thinking pleasurable and positive thoughts) increases nitric oxide throughout your body.? Activities like yoga, massage, acupuncture, calming music, and laughter (especially good belly laughs) have all been shown to stimulate the production of nitric oxide – not to mention orgasms and having sex!”

“Pleasure boosts nitric oxide, and nitric oxide boosts pleasure.? That’s the upward spiral you should be aiming for!”

So what’s the natural way to increase your levels of NO?? Say YES!

At last someone’s come up with a fun way to improve our health!

Yes! Yes! to NO


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