Overheating in Bed Reduces your REM Sleep

Considering our normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celcius, does it surprise you that studies indicate that sleeping at temperatures of 32 degrees C is the start of overheating in bed?

Temperatures above 32 degrees C reduce REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is very important to quality sleep. Overheating during REM can be disruptive.

Expert skin specialists Dr Hugh Molloy and Dr Garry Egger in their Good Skin book say that overheating has also been associated with ‘Doona Eyes’, facial dermatitis, peri-oral dermatitis, Grover’s disease, facial excrescences, atopic exzema and acne, and hair and scalp problems. Ugly stuff.

To sleep at 32 degrees C seems very cool indeed!

Then we have partner challenges… what one bed partner considers to be cool the other one oftens considers to be freezing…

So here’s a solution. Years ago I invented the Compatibility Blanket to solve all these problems.

Have a look at this video I’ve just uploaded to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W8LaSod0Ig

To find out more information about the blanket go to: http://www.compatibilityblanket.com

For goodness sake, throw out those doonas, duvets, comforters, quilts and all bed-coverings that are making you feel tired, sluggish and grumpy in the morning.

Your partner will love you for it! And you might get a bit more cheerful too.


P.S.? There’s more!? See my new post called “Wedding Tackle” January 10, 2009.? Overheating in bed could also affect fertility.

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