Meditation and Holosync

Ok guys and girls …

Today I’m flicking you through to a really good video which explains a lot about brainwave patterns, their effect on stress, cortisol levels, heart disease, the production of melatonin, HGH (human growth hormone – which isn’t just about growing), DHEA, the aging process, etc.

You’ll hear about the work done in 1973 at Mt. Sinai Research Laboratory and published in Scientific American about auditory beats and brainwave entrainment, and more.

Lots of good stuff, and convincing around taking some relaxing time – even meditation time…

And there’s a bonus – you can collect a FREE demonstration CD in here – and yes, they post to Australia too (as well as the US – look up your particular country too).

Just click here to be taken to the video to learn more about how important brain waves are to your stress levels, cortisol, disease resistance, attitude, aging process, alertness, blood pressure, heart disease….

Beep beep beep


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Angela Sciberras April 23, 2009 at 10:11 am

Hi there cyber spacians,

I was excited to see holosync on your web site Elizabeth, as I have been using these meditations on and off for about 3 years. A friend of mine introduced them to me, and I loved them from the start. They do most certainly help you to sleep, and even my husband uses them as he finds it hard to settle down at night with a job that is very stressful from time to time.

When you first start, for the first few weeks on level one you are only allow to do the first half hour meditation. A couple of times I accidentally fell asleep and did the whole hour and I really noticed how unsettled I felt for a day or so after. But in the end it is doing its job which is to speak to the subconcious and stir things up a little bringing things to the surface. (which I am told is the whole reason we can be not sleeping, too much subconcious rubbish that needs to be delt with, but we just dont want to go there)

They are lovely meditations, rain drops (most of us love the sound of rain while going to sleep) and bells. It does use technology where by a person has personally picked affirmations imbedded into the track, but you cannot hear it.

As a self developement tool they are incredible, and there are many levels once you get into it. My experience of starting a new level was usually for a week or so feeling a bit lets say, emotional, or on edge, etc, but it would then settle down again until the next level.

I once did a really dumb thing and tried my friends level that was like 3 higher than mine….. well needless to say I could actually feel my brain moving in my head, I couldnt do it and had to stop. This was a good lesson and really showed me their power as when I got to that level on my own steam it was much better. My advice is not to try someones levels unless they are the beginning levels. You may only find yourself overwhelmed, and this may turn you off it.

As far as sleep goes, with out fail, it is almost a battle to keep awake with these meditations. I think the whole point is to try and stay concious, but if it helps you go to sleep than “what ever works” I say!

It is certainly worth a try!


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