Virgin Active Health Club Sleep Pods for Napping

Wednesday morning I was helping Virgin Active Health Clubs announce the results of their new sleep survey that was focused on workers obtaining a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, increasing their productivity and motivation at work, etc.

A fabulous focus, don’t you agree?  I haven’t seen such a useful survey designed to help 9 to 5-ers everywhere.

It was fun… they brought one of their sleep pods to Martin Place, Sydney – in the middle of the morning peak hour rush to see if anyone would like to try it. And it looked surreal against the cityscape – like something had just landed.

Virgin Active Health Clubs Sleep Pod

The Sleep Pod has Landed!

Some of the more interesting findings from the survey include:

A Desire to Improve Health and Sleep

  • 89% of Australians would like to achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle by changing their daily routine.  How they would like to do that varied. e.g. 81% thought exercise, 66% through diet, 60% more sleep (glad to see it is up there!)… and 42% more sex… well – hmmm!  And not surprising perhaps is that 48% of men wanted more sex, and only 34% of women…

Sleep Hours

  • The average worker is only getting about 6 hours sleep a night, instead of the recommended 8 hours

Sick Days and Work Productivity

  • A whopping 1 in 3 has “taken a sickie” to catch up on sleep (Gen Y 44%, Baby Boomers 23% – is is a generational thing?)
  • 19% have actually admitted to falling asleep on the job, during a meeting… you know the stuff.  (Men more likely here too… maybe it’s that extra sex they are dreaming of – ‘scuse me..)

Workers Want a Nap

  • A surprising 63% would be interested in having a lunchtime nap if they could find a comfortable, affordable and safe place to do it.  Only 21% (one in five) have actually found a good place at work to doze off.

Research has shown that as little as a 6 minute nap can have some benefits to freshen us up during the day, there are studies which show the best time of the day to nap for particular results that you want to achieve, and that napping has benefits that go beyond sleeping better at night.

The sleep pods have ambient music in them, with headphones, and you can set the system to wake you up (gently!) after a certain amount of time.

With evidence that during our sleep we are recuperating, rejuvenating, de-stressing, reducing anxiety, growing (in some cases), even learning, that’s a pretty good thing to do at lunch.

The cone closes over to make the space blacker for you – so maybe Get Smart’s ‘Cone of Silence’ actually will Get Smart results at your workplace?

Do you want more information about napping?  Go here to find out about Dr Sarah Mednick’s research into the benefits of napping and how to maximize the benefits of daytime naps.

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Denise Edelstien August 28, 2010 at 8:30 am

What a great idea! The results of this survey arae very significant. If you want to attract more happiness and joy into your life, then lack of sleep is not the way to go.


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