The Relationship between Better Sleep and Sunlight

We hear a fair bit about light and it’s relationship to melatonin – the sleep inducing hormone), but we hear a lot less about how sunlight can help you sleep.

Yes, HELP you sleep.

For people following this blog, you’ve probably heard me encouraging you to walk in the morning in the sunlight (in preference to other times) to send a strong message to your circadian rhythm that it is time to wake up, and that this is ‘morning time’.  And we’ve spoken about how sunlight can help your mood as well – especially for those of you who have combination sleeping problems and mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.  They often go together.  And finally we’ve talked about getting some good Vitamin D.

Here is new research that is putting some specific numbers to this concept.

The American Academy of Sleep medicine has released the results of a study that show that workers with windows in the office received 173 more minutes of white light exposure during work hours, and slept for an average additional 46 minutes at night.

To read more, click in the link below.

So, keep up the good work with more light during the daytime.  It has also been shown to elevate mood and attitude.

Seems like those “office with a view” aspirations at work aren’t so silly after all.  Even without a view, just for the light and preferably some sun…

Best wishes for your health and happiness


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