Sue Dengate

International Womens’ Day and I’m celebrating the work of an amazing woman Sue Dengate who helps a lot of people through her knowledge of food additives, colorings and chemicals that effect our health, sleep, moods, etc… the list goes on.

There are over 50 food additives, colorings and chemicals that effect all aspects of sleep – insomnia, restless sleep, anxiety, restless legs syndrome, weird dreams, night terrors, sleep walking and sleep talking, incorrect diagnosis of sleep apnea, snoring, bed-wetting and MORE!

Hard to believe this is true. She is even educating people about the nasty effects of food intolerance – to healthy foods including strawberries, citrus, sultanas, tomato products…

If you are having difficulty with sleep and you haven’t been to this site yet, you need to now.

On this page that I’m sending you to – click the following buttons:
Diet, Sleep Disturbance and Insomnia
Sleep Apnoea
Diet and ADHD
Dairy, Wheat and Gluten
a2 milk
even Oppositional Defiance

That will keep you not-amused for a little while…

You can subscribe to her newsletter on

And also look up information in there on salicylates and amines. Naturally occurring substances that effect different aspects of sleep too… hmmm!

And I haven’t even got to her work on perfumes, VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) ….

Good luck, and we’d love to hear your success stories and discoveries on the path to better sleep, naturally.

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