How To Sleep Better While Traveling

Do you find it difficult to sleep when you travel?

I’ve put some quick videos together that might help you sleep better when you travel, especially when staying in hotels.

Sleep Better in Hotels gives you some ideas on how to sleep cool when the bed-coverings that are provided by the hotels are thick, too hot and often synthetic (and don’t breathe).

It’s a simple thing to do, but it works. You might feel it is a bit of effort for one night (if you don’t mind not sleeping well for just a night), but if you are staying for any length of time in a place it is absolutely worth making your bed as comfortable as possible.

And it is better to do it straight away, just when you arrive – so you’re not waking up at 2 am in the morning wishing you had done something about it earlier!

Have you got any good traveling tips?

It would be great to share them with everyone in the comments box below:

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