Catalyst ABC TV, Weight Loss, Sugar Diabetes and Sleep

I’ve previously posted information on how lack of sleep messes with our normal body functions – including leptin production which effects hunger/feelings of ‘fullness’ after eating, etc.

We also know that being overweight effects sleep apnea, snoring, a reluctance to do proper exercise (vicious circle), diabetes, etc.

This topic will be covered on Catalyst this Thursday August 19, 2010.  8:00 pm (20:00) ABC1, Australia- I recommend you watch it.

I recommend you watch it to find out more about these relationships.

Put your comments below on anything you’d like more information about, and I’ll get some expert interviews organized around those topics.  What was the best thing you learned on Catalyst, what have you heard 1000 times before?  Join the conversation.

Peaceful sleep


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