How do I know if a Food Intolerance is Affecting my Sleep?

Here is an excerpt from the Sleep With The Experts training program with Sue Dengate explaining how to know if you have a food intolerance.

The video lists the symptoms that might indicate that you have a food intolerance.

And then, if you suspect you do, then is that food intolerance effecting your sleep?

In order to establish exact details about the foods, chemicals, colourings, additives etc that are effecting you it is best to get expert help.

An elimination diet is the generally preferred method, where all potentially nasty substances are eliminated from your diet, and then reintroduced back one by one, under careful supervision – so that the exact substances can be isolated as the offending substances.

Food additives etc are addictive, and do have withdrawal symptoms – so that it why it is generally recommended that you seek out professional help to do this process.

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