Find your Insomnia Type, and the Insomnia Treatment will Follow

Hi everyone

I’m deeply immersed in finally getting Sleep Mojo out!  And apologies to everyone that has had to wait so long for the book I promised!  It is a bigger task than I thought, and now I have an editor helping me which will get it over the line in about 6 weeks from now.

Sleep Mojo will be separated into Insomnia Types – because insomnia is not the problem – we have to look at what lies beneath the symptom of insomnia in order to find the best insomnia treatments.

I’ve just written an article on why you should match your insomnia treatment to your insomnia type.

It gives a few examples that demonstrate that reaching for a herbal remedy or medication is a very shortsighted approach.

Most people don’t really understand the extent of the underlying problems that show up as the ‘insomnia symptom’ – and I’m pretty confident that the  Sleep Mojo book will reveal a lot of information that hasn’t been organized in a really useful and simple way before.

Oh, yes, I’ve changed the title of the book.  It was previously “What’s Your Insomnia Type, with Matched Non-Drug Solutions” – too much of a mouthful!

And it doesn’t capture the fun-factor of the book.  It is a light read, with some heavy hitting information – formed up in a way that won’t take you long to start activating YOUR best natural strategies.

To your best night’s sleep





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