“Cooks Hookup” in bed or sitting down…

Here’s great solution on if you’re overcharged and your mind is racing when you want to actually fall asleep.

And it is SO EASY!

It is called Cooks Hookup, here’s a demonstration by Dr Tracy Latz.

Try this either sitting down, or in bed to balance yourself, and calm yourself down…

Find the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/FOzjOOiTJ_Q

Do it for several minutes, not just a few seconds. Remember to breathe in through your nose (with the tip of your tongue just behind your top teeth) and breathe out through your mouth.

There is another explanation of the process here:

It is a methodology based in kinesiology invented by Dr Cook.

Don’t tell me we don’t give you some kinky things to try in bed!

And while we’re on the topic of kinesiology and energy balancing you might also like these tips for energy depletion & polarity reversal:



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