Cheers and Tears

Happy Christmas Everyone…

I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family and loved ones over the next month.

It’s a great time, when we actually take time out to enjoy each other, our families and take a break from work and the j-o-b, and party.

A few tips to help not wreck your sleep patterns:

  1. Don’t overdo the drink and drugs!? Pace your party drinks …? a couple is OK …? but if you overdo it – you fall asleep like a rock and wake up after a few hours – wide awake!?? Alcohol will knock you out … for a while only…? so have some water in between your drinks to stay hydrated and stretch the alcohol effect.
  2. Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year for some people – especially Christmas day.? Whether it’s the in-laws, your most un-favourite relation you have to put up with all day, or having to cook for 50 people after getting up at 4.30 am with the earliest kid!? So look after yourself as best you can.? And if it is unbearable… maybe you need to be making a new year’s resolution that you KEEP this time, on how you’re going to spend next year’s Christmas so it’s more fun.
  3. Take your new year’s resolutions VERY seriously this year.? If you’re not sleeping well – chances are there are unresolved issues in your life you keep avoiding.? It’s time to fess up.
  4. On one of your days off, sit by yourself for at least 2 hours and mindmap (Google Tony Buzan and mindmapping if you want to know what it is…? a pen and paper is fine too):
  • What your greatest talents and strengths are (include why your friends like you too),
  • What you love doing the best in everything you have ever enjoyed,
  • How you are going to incorporate all of that into 2009 – in a stronger way,
  • Strategise 2009 based on these mindmaps,
  • Cancel and abolish everything else.? THERE’S THE CHALLENGE!
  • Document and make 3 hard decisions you have been avoiding for so long.? Yes, it takes courage … but the “slow death life”/”living a life of quiet desperation” is for other people, not YOU.
  • Count yourself in for a wonderful life – the only person you really have to be popular with is yourself.? New friends will come along to match the new you!

Cheers and sweet IMPLEMENTED dreams for 2009


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