Andrew Verity is in Australia

Here’s a GREAT opportunity!

Well, most of you have heard the interview I had with Andrew Verity in 2008 (the free sleep interview you received from opting in to – now you get the chance to learn from Andrew himself, in Sydney THIS MONTH!

Andrew Verity, world Neuro-Training expert and author, is in Australia, and is running two days of

Specific Skills Intensives.

These days are not designed specifically around sleep, but you will certainly learn information that will help you sleep. And don’t miss the other life skills he’ll be teaching.

I am absolutely recommending these days because of

  • The rarity of the opportunity to learn directly from Andrew (he teaches all around the world)
  • The level of expertise of the teachings – the only people that teach this information are the one’s Andrew has specifically trained to do this
  • Years of personal experience with some of the technologies. e.g. I was a reading dyslexic (and unable to ride a 2 wheeler bike etc) until I was about 30 years old, no-one had even figured it out (including me, I just thought I was a ‘bad student’, and never read a book ever!) – through school and university – and the technologies here will help fix that permanently. I have had many other breakthroughs using technologies developed by Andrew – too numerous to mention here. He will help you optimise your life.
  • The empowerment that it will give you in your life.

Day 1 – Saturday February 28, 2009

Keen Mean Mind – Live without dyslexia

Food is the Best – A new story for allergy sufferers

Regain peace of mind and restful sleep, set and achieve goals. Dyslexia patterns create brain fatigue, fuzzy thinking, lack of focus, lack of brain nutrients, worry about results. These are only related to unidentified allergies, digestive problems, repetitive eating.

Day 2 – Sunday March 1, 2009

Excel at Sport – improve your muscle performance

Feed the Glands – train your adrenal glands to handle stress

Learn how to calm the nervous system. Excessive exercise and long hours of training, can fatigue your muscles, cause pain, create adrenal stress and anxiety, alter eating patterns, disturb hormones, all of these disrupt sleep.

These days will change your life, and the way you see it.

  1. Reduce stress at work and at home
  2. Learn about the magic of your body’s systems
  3. Exact strategies to take home for yourself and others
  4. Know and enjoy the foods that create better energy
  5. Learn powerful skills for your mind to be working at its optimal level
  6. Improve your individual performance, stamina and endurance

Early bird price – If you pay in full before Tuesday February 17, 2009

Price per day is normally $ 390.00 per day – but the early bird price is $ 295.00 per day. (Save up to $ 190.00 by booking early for both days.)

And yes, you can book for each day individually.

BONUS: You will receive DETAILED MANUALS with each day of the Specific Skills Intensive.

Venue: The Grand Hall, Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre, cnr Short and Myahgah Road, Mosman NSW. 9am – 5 pm both days.

For more information please contact Geraldine Gallagher, Life Energies Centre, PO Box 314, Mosman.

Phone + 61 2 9960 1898.

Email Geraldine at

There are limited spaces at the seminars, so please book early. (And you’ll need to get in before all his fans book too – don’t dilly dally!)

(Are you a health practitioner? Ask Geraldine about Instructor Training in early March.)

I can’t recommend this information highly enough.

Email Geraldine NOW, to secure your seat.



PS To find out more about Andrew Verity and Neuro-training visit his website and his blog (And please, don’t be turned off by his expertise, he teaches in simple and practical way.)

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Andrew Verity February 3, 2009 at 8:12 am

Asleep while running a marathon?

Hi Elizabeth,
Just to catch up after my rather short holiday before the storm of workshops in Sydney. Just a quick reminder about the effect Allergy reactions can have on sleep and related disturbances.

All allergy reactions have some effect on the circulation system. And even if you eliminate the food, the effect it had on the circulation can be there for years. One of the amazing things we find in this situation is that the client’s adrenal function is way too excessive. This leaves them trying to sleep while their hormones are doing a 10 k marathon, not fun!

After going through the simple step by step procedures in the Food is the Best workshop or Feed the Glands workshop, participants have just fallen asleep in their chairs. How boring am I?
No they have just discovered that they are actually fighting their own tiredness and didn’t know it.
These techniques are great and i am looking forward to showing all your insomniacs some short cuts to a good nights sleep again.

Keep up the good work and see you soon.
Andrew Verity


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