Andrew Verity: The Neuro-Training perspective on Sleep

I recently conducted an interview with Andrew Verity, international head of Neuro-Training when he was in Australia, about Neuro-Training and specifically about sleep. His information and techniques are totally ground breaking – based on 35 years of research in a range of health modalities – some of what he says is alarming, some common sense (which we know is not common!), some difficult to believe. All compelling.

If you would like to hear about Sleep and Neuro-Training, opt-in with your name and email to our Sleep Frontier website, and you’ll be taken to that MP3 interview.  (Which you can download to your iPod, etc.)  Do it now, it was a very revealing session.

To find out more about Andrew Verity and Neuro-training you can visit his website, and his blog

Sleep tight


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