Hypnos Club

Hypnos Club

Are you having difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early in the morning?

It’s not accident, and it’s affecting your mental and physical health in very scary ways.

Hypnos Club is a combination of weekly meetings and online training designed for people who want to have a great night’s sleep every night.  Deep sleep, refreshing sleep and performance enhancing sleep.  And without the use of sleeping pills and other drugs.

Hypnos Club meetings will commence on Sydney’s North Shore in 2014.

If you would like to be invited to the launch night, please enter your name and email to one of the offers on this website, or like our Facebook page.

Casual Membership:  Anyone can come along to see what we are doing for a night.  It costs $ 20.00 for the first night’s entry (for those who miss the launch). Decide then if Club Hypnos membership is going to suit you.

Hypnos Club Members:  Hypnos Club membership includes:

  • Full membership of Hypnos Club.
  • Full access to the online Hypnos Club sleep training program, which includes over 20 training videos on various aspects of sleep, and strategies that are easy to implement to improve your sleep.
  • Ten (10) weeks entry to Hypnos Club. Hypnos Club meets every week on Sydney’s north shore. Each meeting includes training on a new aspect of sleeping better, and a support session where members can ask questions, discuss issues and seek help. Meetings facilitated by Elizabeth Shannon. After attending the 10 consecutive weeks of Hypnos Club you can come along to further meetings at a reduced rate (to be announced). Venue to be announced shortly.

To become a member of Hypnos Club please complete the form below and submit.