Hyperactivity and ADHD

In a Nutshell

There are a number of different theories on Hyperactivity and ADHD, ADD etc..

At the end of the day what seems to matter most is that we try whatever non-drug options there are THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY before putting our kids on drugs to attempt to solve the problems.

Hyperactivity and ADHD is not only a problem with children, it exist in adults too.

Crack it Now!

We have two leading edge options to try.

1.  Purchase the Fed Up with Children’s Behavior DVD and educate yourself about food additives, food colorings, even perfumes and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – e.g. aerosols, hairsprays etc.) that effect behavior. This DVD is beyond just hyperactivity… you will learn much more and be amazed!  The Aussi couple Sue Dengate and Dr. Howard Dengate are world leaders in this area and the DVD documents trials done in England in police stations and excellent information from Jamie Oliver’s food changes in schools in the UK.  A must do..

2.  Omega 3 is being used now in trials in Australia with ADHD.  Buy our especially sourced high EPA/DHA Omega 3 (exactly the product used in those trials) to test for results for yourself.

High ratio EPA/DHA Omega 3 and ADHD Related Problems:

Natalie Sinn has just received the Science Week People’s Choice Prize in the 2005 Fresh Science Awards for her work with children with ADHD-related problems.  Sinn’s research is being supervised by Dr Janet Bryan at the University of South Australia and Dr Carlene Wilson at CSIRO Human Nutrition.

This study, run by the University of South Australia and the CSIRO found that their attention and behavior improved significantly after taking a combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil capsules continuing a high ratio of the Omega-3 fatty acid EPA.

The Omega-3 needs to be taken over an extended period of time (the trials were done over a 15 week period) so that the body has the time to build up its long string fatty acids.  (Sixty percent of the brain is composed of fats.)

For more information about the study see www.unisa.edu.au/researcher/issue/2006.January/story4.asp.

For other information that links high ratio EPA/DHA Omega 3 to relief from depression refer to the Depression page.

Food Additives, Food Colourings, Aerosols, Perfumes

Sue Dengate and Dr Howard Dengate’s Fed Up website has a specific factsheet dedicated to Diet and ADHD, to access it, click here.

Purchase the DVD Fed Up with Children’s Behavior to find out information beyond ADHD and hyperactivity…  It covers insomnia specifically, as well as night terrors, weird dreams, restless legs syndrome, depression, asthma, irritability, fidgetting, restlessness, migraines and headaches, itchy skin rashes, nappy rash, swelling (of the eyes, lips, tongue, eyelids), tummy problems, irritable bowel syndrome, cholic, bedwetting, frequent gas, foggy brain, school performance (spelling, maths and reading), self esteem, load voices, chatter, talking too much…? WOW!

It’s scary what they’re putting in our food, and some of it doesn’t have to be revealed on the label.  This DVD is a must for every home.

For other MUST READ information about Food Additives, refer to the Nutrition Page.