How to Access Quality Online Information to Help Your Baby Sleep

Have you got a new baby who isn’t sleeping well, and it’s a real struggle?  Not only is the baby getting more and more tired, but you are exhausted?  And your ability to cope gets worse and worse?  It becomes more than stressful, making you feel anxious, even depressed.  You just want to know “why won’t my baby sleep”?

Baby Sleep There are so many other tasks with a new baby (feeding times, and nappy changes, keeping the other children and your partner happy, etc) you really don’t want to get dressed up to go to the medical centre or nursing facility to get help – you’d rather do it online if you possibly can.

But how can you access really quality information?  Because there is absolutely no benefit to getting online information that you don’t trust and feel confident to use.  And there are a million articles on the web that may or may not be written by experienced, reliable and respected sources.

Today I’m going to talk about a group called the Karitane Mothercraft Society, which started in 1907 in New Zealand with Sir Truby King – originally helping mothers who couldn’t breast feed, and there were no available successful formulas.  It came to Australia in 1923 as the Australian Mothercraft Socity (and has also been known as the Plunket Society).

I didn’t use this service myself when I had my son, but I have friends who did, and it was incredibly helpful to them at the time.  Some babies just don’t ever seem to settle down, and can send you ‘crazy’.  In Australia you can actually book you and your baby in for a period of time to settle the baby down, establish the correct baby sleep times and daily routine.  And no doubt they would be keeping a good eye on the mums who are suffering!

So how can this article help you if you are not in Australia or New Zealand?

Karitane has an online website which has some amazingly helpful information, including downloadable factsheets and videos to watch.  And you can access it from the comfort of your home.

Here is their site:

Go to the “Families” section where the really helpful parenting information brochures and podcasts are.  And there is a dad’s club too with the slogan “Becoming one is Easier Than Being One”, which I found pretty amusing!

If you live in Australia there is a freecall number 1800 677 961.

For everyone (not just Australians), if you don’t mind waiting a couple of days for a reply there is even an email opportunity in there to ask them a question.

In summary, here are some of the topics that they cover on the site:  when your baby cries, nutrition, sleep, breast feeding, bottle feeding, reflux, and postnatal depression (oh, by the way it is not just mums who can get depressed after a new baby is born), gastro-oesophageal reflux, wrapping your baby, sleep and settling, etc.

Other things to investigate to help your baby sleep are ensuring that YOU are not eating any nasty food additives and chemicals (because they can pass through your breast milk to disturb your baby); homeopathic medicines, massage, and soothing sounds (such as the heart beat sound) that your baby can be comforted by.

Wishing you the best of luck through this tiring time with your baby, and remember if you aren’t coping well then you should tell someone that you need help.  Plenty of other mums and parents are fully aware of the stressful situation it can be, and they might be “holding back” so as not to offend you.

Remember to keep in contact with your friends, especially the ones with babies, because they will be a great source of companionship and you can support them too, and have fun.