Help at Work, The Next Day

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See the Stress section for tips on coping better with work.


  • Plan your day.  Not first things first, worst things first.  Knocking over something challenging first will encourage you and energise you.
  • MUST HAVE a lunch break.  During your lunch break you may choose to listen to either the 10 Minute Supercharger (paraliminal CD) or relax down for a little while with Complete Relaxation (Audio CD) or similar.  Some time out rejuvenates you for the afternoon and evening.  Often the best ideas come when you’re “timing out” – be aware of them, and write them down.
  • Don’t skimp on meals and refreshments  your body is already pushed. Take care with what you eat, when you’re tired and run down it’s tempting to eat chocolate, salt, fat and other foods that lift you up temporarily only to diminish your health generally.  Eat real food, not junk.  A caffeine-free Tranquillity Tea could be excellent. Have some healthy snacks permanently in your drawer at work for low energy periods (e.g. dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit, herbal teas, plain rice crackers, tinned salmon and sardines, etc).
  • Take some mini-breaks during the day.  Try a quick application of Relaxation Cream (with superb geranium and lavender oils) to your arms, or a hand or forehead massage with Stress Massage Oil Blend.
  • At the end of the day, while still at work, review the day and plan tomorrow.  Establish a clear distinction between work and non-work.  This way, you’re not going home to think about work.
  • Tai chi, yoga, meditation, or some other exercise after work will relieve some stress and depressed thoughts.
  • Establish your good sleep hygiene habits at night.


We’ve seen quite a bit of information discouraging having a nap during the day.  It is seen by some as counterproductive to breaking your nightly sleep habits.

However, for those who are interested in the technology of the afternoon nap, and are willing to try it, the following information could be useful:

A study by Dr. Amber Brooks and Dr. Leon Lack of the School of Psychology, Flinders University, Adelaide, set out to determine which nap duration is most recuperative.  They found that a 10 minute afternoon nap was overall the most effective of the durations studied.  For more information refer to

The product that you could try, on this basis, is the 10 minute Supercharger paraliminal CD.