The Fatigue Report

When C-suite members and other top executives hear the word fatigue they generally associate it with health and safety issues and accidents.

But its affect in business goes way beyond that – hitting hard at the bottom line.

Of course, there are no line items called ‘management attitude’, ’employee productivity’ or ‘diminished executive function’ but fatigue is proven to effect these functions in business and many many more.

Performance Problems associated with Fatigue:

Reduced executive function (reduced communication skills, reduced memory function, inability to handle complex tasks, reduced decision making effectiveness; impaired motor skills, difficulty assimilating new information; the inability to separate important and non-important data); lack of motivation; reduced vocabulary and communication skills; staff members being irritable and losing their tempers; reduced perceptual skills, etc.

The costs of Fatigue and it’s related Psychological Issues:

Absenteeism (5.5 days/year for primary insomnia, plus 5.5 days/year for restless legs syndrome sufferers, plus 5.5 days due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), presenteeism, making errors at work (including high value transactions, and the cost to reverse or correct those errors); work accidents; driving accidents;  accidents with expensive machinery or equipment; legal costs associated with accidents; staff members being irritable and losing their tempers

e.g. The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research calculated the annual cost to an employer of each depressed person is $ 9,665 AUD per person.

How Fatigue effects the Health and Well-being of your Employees:

Fatigue is associated with increased levels of cardio-vascular disease; putting on weight; reduced immune function; increased chance of substance abuse (alcohol, addiction to sleeping pills and other drugs, nicotine, stimulants, uppers); increased inflammation; a greater risk of cancer.

Add to these problems the additional issues of shift work, at-risk and stressful industries (police, hospital workers, security guards, fire services, transport workers, market traders, etc), and jet lag – in normal economic times (which these are not…) and we have a significant problem every day at work, in every workplace.

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