Q.?? What do you recommend for me?

A. Sleepless No More cannot recommend specific solutions for sleeplessness. We are not qualified to give such advice, and every individual case is different.

Our mission is to do the leg-work in sourcing products, ideas and information that may be of assistance to you. The rest is up to you. Many of our customers are happy to try different techniques in order to rejuvenate themselves.

We appreciate you completing the feedback forms. It is through them that we gauge the best products to list in future catalogues, and how to prioritise them.

Q.?? What CDs are the best?

A. It depends what might sound the best to you. We have chosen a number of different technologies and approaches. Some people don?t relax with someone speaking (male and/or female voices), in which case you may find Music for
the Healing Arts beneficial, a CD from the subliminal range, or some classical music you have at home. Possibly the ?strongest? CDs would be either the hypnosis CDs or the Paraliminal? CDs ? both these CD types have male voices in them (as well as background relaxing music or patterns).

Some of our customers have had great success with Glenn Harrold?s hypnosis CDs, including A Chakra Meditation (which has surprised even the not new-age!). Others are embracing the Holosync? technology embedded in the
Paraliminal? CDs.

Beginners might start with the Guided Mind/Body Relaxation CD, which talks you through the relaxation process, Sleep Soundly or Letting Go of Anxiety.

Of course, all are designed to be relaxing and pleasing.

Q. I?ve already tried a number of products and nothing seems to work, what will I do?

A. Firstly, establish your Insomnia Type?.? Then read the?blog?for that?Insomnia
Type?. Not falling asleep appears (for many) to be quite different to waking up too early in the morning. Some of the information here will provide valuable leads to what action you may take. Other information sections, even the statistics pages, provide hints to many people.

What exactly have you used previously? Some, for example, have used herbal remedies (e.g. valerian). What we suggest is that you approach sleeplessness from a different angle than you have previously. E.g. from using valerian previously, you might try a homoeopathic remedy or Chinese herbal remedy.? This could be coupled with a relaxation or hypnosis CD. For someone who doesn?t normally exercise, try different forms of exercise, and at different times of the day.

Are excessive bed-coverings overheating you in bed?

Books are always recommended because they contain some excellent tips from experts, or someone, like you, who has experienced the same challenges. Have you heard of tapping (The Power of Tapping book, and other books on Emotional Freedom Technique)?

It?s tempting to avoid the psychological aspects of sleep ? but don?t. Facing up to your challenges is where many people find real relief. Make some challenging ?life decisions? for change? What about attending a stress management course, or visiting a friendly counsellor?


Q. I am ordering from outside Australia. My order contains products other than the Compatibility Blanket?.? How do I know if they will be suitable and acceptable in my country?

A. We have shipped the Compatibility Blanket all over the world for years, with no problems ? you can order it with confidence directly from your shopping cart.

Problems can be experienced, however, where electrical goods are incompatible with standards in your country, where your rulings on therapeutic goods differ to those in Australia, customs regulations, etc. Care should be taken in ordering products of that nature.

If you are happy to place such an order with us, but you would like specific details on air postage charges, insurance etc. just email us, and we will provide all relevant details to you.

We will wait for your approval, before sending your parcel to you. We are happy to give individual attention to orders, but we cannot be aware of every ruling in every country we export to.