Congratulations on ordering the DVD Training Set.

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1.  An email to ask you to confirm your details, so that we can send more information to you via email.  This is part of worlds best practice, and ensures that we never spam you.

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2.  An email pertaining to your DVD order, with login details to your membership (which is what the order is named in our system).

The email will give you the user ID and password for you to go to Nanacast (where our products are housed).

Because your DVDs will actually be physically sent out/posted to you, it is not imperative that you login to Nanacast.

Please keep those login details somewhere safe though, because it is your proof of purchase, and will also be the login details if you ever buy other products from us in the future – all your products will be listed in the same place in your special area within Nanacast.

Thanks again for your order, and we wish you the very best with your sleep strategies.

If you are having any problems please email us at zzz@sleeplessnomore.com with SUPPORT in the subject line of your email.

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