Colds, Stuffy Noses, Allergy

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Not a lot to say here that isn’t general knowledge.

Hay Fever

Lavender Oil and Eucalyptus Oil are both suitable.

Other useful oils include chamomile, Melissa, basil, blue gum, cajeput, clary sage, clove, hyssop, lemon, marjoram, Melissa, myrtle, peppermint, pine, rose, rosemary, Spanish sage, thyme.

To state the obvious, different plants actually bring on hay fever, so you may have to experiment with different oils to find the one most suitable for you.

For some the heat of a steam inhalation is aggravating, so just a small amount of oil on a tissue to sniff may be preferred.

For sore, red eyes, try a cool compress made from Chamomile Tea.

Colds and Flu

The common cold is a virus infection of the nose and throat.? Virus strains are numerous and constantly mutating.? As well as the mucous membranes of the nose and throat being inflamed because of the infection, they are more vulnerable to attack by bacteria, which can give rise to secondary infections.

The best essential oils (according to Patricia Davis in her book Aromatherapy an A-Z) to diminish the discomfort of a cold, as well as reduce the risk of secondary infection are Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Ti-tree Oil and the closely related Niaouli Oil.

The most useful methods are as an inhalant, and as a bath.? A steam inhalation can help clear the congested nasal passages, sooth the inflamed mucous membrane, and can also kill bacteria.

We would try an evening bath with lavender oil as well as a number of steam inhalations during the day.

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