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One of the most challenged industries when it comes to sleep deprivation, shift work and dangerous workplaces is mining.

And ironically, because of this, there are some innovations and studies that have been performed by the mining sector that would put the rest of corporate Australia (and other countries) to shame.

Fatigue and lack of sleep effects performance, accuracy, absenteeism, presenteeism, accidents at work, reduced executive brain function and the health of your top management, company owners and workers.

Fatigue increases the number of managers and staff members who are grumpy, work with a “bad mood” and negative attitude, make incorrect decisions, are depressed or anxious, are irritable or impatient, even those showing uncontrolled anger towards another citizen.

Do you know how many of your staff have the hangover effect from taking sleeping pills last night?  The night before that as well?  What about addictive medications relating to fatigue, depression and anxiety?  Alerting medications?  Using alcohol to sleep better (30 per cent with persistent insomnia do that)?  How many of your staff have sleep apnea?  How many of your staff have sleep apnea but do not know about it?

Fatigue is directly proportional to the number of hours worked, with 27 per cent finding it difficult to concentrate, with a proven reduction in productivity.

Additionally, white collar workers’ slump in productivity when they work 60 or more hours is over ten times the productivity lost of other workers.  Now there’s a cost!

The ignorance and apathy displayed by not only the largest companies in Australia, but the government policy makers, in the area of fatigue management is culpable.  It is costing lives every day, and certainly affecting the output of every workplace in the country (and the world).

e.g. work related road crashes in Australia account for about 50 per cent of all occupational fatalities and 15 per cent of national road deaths.  Sleepiness is estimated to be a factor in 20 per cent of motor vehicle accidents.

Then there is the connection to heart disease, diabetes, reduced immune function, the reduction in grey matter in the brain (yes, literally), elevated blood pressure, weight gain, premature death, cancer…

It’s not about me rattling off statistics here, it IS about whether your company would like to save money and increase performance and productivity by doing something about fatigue in your organisation.

You might be surprised at the research that proves and quantifies fatigue and its effect on your company’s bottom line.

There are solutions, some of them very simple and economical to introduce.

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