Anxiety and Sleep Pack

If you suffer from anxiety, high stress and/or panic attacks I won’t have to remind you of how debilitating it is – how it is affecting your career, family and loved ones – even what other people regards as commonplace social interactions and daily tasks.

Do you find it more difficult to fall asleep? And if you wake in the middle of the night it is a lot worse, isn’t it?

By popular demand we have taken out a selection of expert trainings from the Sleep With The Experts series that specifically relate to anxiety and stress issues.

Sue Dengate – food additives, colourings even natural substances that can exacerbate anxiety and stress issues as well as other psychological problems

Dr Nic Lucas – an expert patient – Dr Lucas suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and reveals his medical research and personal solutions to anxiety and panic.

Rod Sherwin – an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner shows how to use tapping to reduce anxiety.

And we have included the introductory week of Sleep With The Experts in this Anxiety and Sleep Pack as well.

The Anxiety and Sleep Pack includes 4 videos (approx. 1 hour in length), 4 mp3s and 4 transcripts of the training program – so that you can learn the way you want to learn – but watching, listening to, or reading the information.

Upon ordering below you will be sent your login details and password to the membership area where you can immediately start learning about how to reduce your anxiety levels.

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