Alarming Sleep Secrets

My Alarming Sleep Secrets book is now released on Amazon and Kindle.

In Alarming Sleep Secrets: Your Doctor is Making an ASS out of You I controversially explore the lies you are being told by your doctor, psychiatrist and do-gooders.

With 1 in 6 Australians taking antidepressants, over 36 million psycho scripts written annually and 95.2 percent of insomnia patients being prescribed medications, the days of “asking your doctor” are over. The drugs are not evidence-based, doubling the suicide rate in children, injuring babies and more.

In April 2017 GlaxoSmithKline was ordered to pay $ 3 million after the suicide death of Stewart Dolin who was taking antidepressants.

No longer the lucky country, we’re the nutty country.


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ISBN 978-1-5425-8339-8

Alarming Sleep Secrets: Your Doctor is Making an ASS out of You.