About Elizabeth Shannon

Elizabeth Shannon is a sleep evangelist, sleep educator and outlying industry expert.

Introduced to brain wave technology and peak performance in 1978, she invented the Compatibility Blanket to improve couples’ sleep in 2000.  While marketing the blanket she realised that sleep education was still in the dark.

She has been at the forefront of sleep education in Australia, reaching hundreds of thousands of people through her regular national television appearances, e-learning products Five Star Sleep Education and Sleep with the ExElizabeth Shannon - Peak Performance Expertperts, Sleep Mojo book, Sleepless No More blog/website, keynotes and live seminars.

There are systemic problems which discourage sleep.  They include organisational policy based on exposure-limiting definitions of fatigue; inadequate food labelling; the subsidized over-diagnosis and over-medication of insomnia and mental health patients; conflicts of interest between key health players (such as the AMA, TGA and NPS); ASX listed health companies overlooking inappropriate medical diagnoses and decisions; the unhealthy academic pressure inflicted on students; and the governments’ preference to fund medical interventions after-the-fact rather than on preventative health initiates and evidence-based education.

After being told by an Australian mental health minister’s office that “sleep has got nothing to do with mental health”, and being asked numerous times by fatigue RTOs “what has sleep got to do with fatigue?” she authored The Case for Sleep Education outlining the significant and alarming shortcomings within sleep education, perceptions, treatments and policy in Australia. Available on request.

With all this noise and confusion the common sense solutions to mental and physical health like exercise, adequate sleep, nutrition, weight control, mental discipline and personal responsibility are being overlooked.

Her career spans Virgin Active Health Clubs, Safe Work Australia, Credit Suisse, Sydney medical centres, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Australian Society of Hypnosis, with previous business experience at KPMG, the NAB and Kellogg’s.

Alarming Sleep Secrets will be available on Amazon and Kindle about August 2017.

Funny, pragmatic, even caustic, she’s guaranteed to wake you up about sleep.

Elizabeth Shannon can be contacted by email:  elizabeth@sleeplessnomore.com, or by submitting your comments in the form below:

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