About Sleepless No More

Struggling to continually improve profits and return on investment?

Stressed over where to cut costs without adversely affecting staff and performance?

Puzzled on how to reduce stress and improve mood in your workplace?

Looking for inexpensive ways to increase profit AND improve workplace culture?

Know the difference between warm-and-fuzzy-innovations and hard core difference makers?

Sleepless No More can help you with quantifiable results.


  • Greater profitability through reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover of staff;
  • Reduced losses from fatigue, errors, lack of concentration and unproductive hours;
  • Improved productivity through enhanced executive functions of the brain of every staff member who sleeps better and learns peak performance techniques (task switching, memory enhancement, mental acuity, motor skills, etc);
  • Discover secret ways to reward staff inexpensively;
  • Help staff members who have the greatest exposure to sleep-related physical and mental health issues such as sleep apnoea, heart disease, diabetes, snoring, obesity, anxiety and depression.
  • A happier, flexible, more cooperative workplace by reducing stress and anxiety, improving emotional intelligence and mood,
  • Reduce the cost of afternoon slump times by using techniques to improve alertness;
  • Reduce substance abuse at work and outside work hours including alcohol, drugs, uppers and downers;
  • Reduce your staff’s need to rely on other negative coping mechanisms such as cigarettes, energy drinks, caffeine, ‘trashy’ foods because of sleep disorders and mental health problems; and
  • Establish leading edge policies that reduce your exposure and recognize risk areas, while enhancing your worker’s lives and the company’s performance.


Innovative consulting includes the following services, with your choice of delivery methods:

  • Sleep education and e-learning programs: physical and mental health issues; insomnia and its underlying problems;  why bother sleeping; sleep machismo; stress, anxiety and depression; medication side-effects; reducing absenteeism, etc;
  • Government and enterprise health and performance policy review and change management;
  • Duty of care, risk/exposure mitigation;
  • Performance enhancement (mental acuity, memory, students, sport and motor skills),
  • At risk industries and occupations (e.g. police, emergency services, interns, shift-workers, professionals, international traders);
  • Product reviews including Employee Assistance Programs; and
  • Organizational review (e.g. scheduling, canteen audit).


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Please contact Elizabeth Shannon by email elizabeth@sleeplessnomore.com to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

NOTE: The trademark Sleepless No More was registered by us in Australia in 2002. We are not associated in any way with the Insomnia Cure Maestro, nor the Sleepless No More music album.